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Ok. I am in London too but we have a mobile business. Thanks for all your help. It is very much appreciated. Its tough when you are new to everything and have to learn everything at once. I would like to grow the business now and I am looking for advice about where best to hire new staff from the beauty and hairdressing. Have you got any ideas? Recruitment companies are too expensive for small businesses.
I think if you go on the business forum on salon geek, and search topics such as recruitment, you will find such amazing resources.

People’s wisdom, mistakes and advice on here is worth everything. The hair forum is probably not the best one to be on.

With regards to recruitment, indeed is a great site, some people use gumtree to advertise and get responces.

Instagram hashtags are also a great way to adverti
Getting a strong team with good credentials and experience behind them will make your life a lot easier.

Look for staff who have existing clientele to bring them into your business so you have guaranteed clients aswell.

Grow your business with Instagram, Facebook & word of mouth.

Offer great deals that people can’t turn down.

Loyalty too.
Hi Charlotte thanks for all your advice. You have been amazing! Are you a freelance hairdresser? Or do you own a salon?
Hi Tallmale, thanks for your message. I work in a London based salon :)
Hi all - i am new to the forum. I am just wondering if there are any MUAs that do bridal makeup? I want to do some T&C's on payments, when they have to pay, wording regarding non refundable deposits, cancellation fees etc. Do you have contracts that could help me? Don't know where to start!!! Thank you xx
Welcome to the site. Please re-post your question to the Skin forum to maximise the chance of replies.
Hi Maria, I am a bridal hair specialist and would be more than happy to send you a copy of what I send to my clients. It's good to send it out during the quotation stage and state that by paying a deposit they are agreeing to the t&c's and ensure to send a contract after to confirm this and with the t&c's on again, that way people cannot miss it.
Hi All, I just need some advice!
My client has been colouring her own hair, lilac - silver. She now has finally come to me and wants a light blonde, I’m encouraging her to have a semi on it with treatments I’m encouraging an 8g with 3%, what do you think?
Thanks in advance