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I’d like to talk to you about website costs, I’ve seen you recommended on here lots, would you mind popping me a message if it’s still something you do? Thanks
hey lovely
.. (btw i think im going to be messaging ou alot)

its me again ... i ws reading that you have some great ideas on how to get our business back up running during the virus.. im completely broke .. like the rest of us ..i offer lashes brows makeup waxing faciaals.. is there anything i can do online to get promoting?

thank you
Hi, My website is doing blogs on how to keep & grow your business during lock down. There is also a blog post on what support is available now for small businesses with links which you may also find useful. Sending you a virtual hug from one business owner to another.love Kim xx
Weird kind of birthday for you this year @Trinity, but sending these annual wishes for you anyway ;) x
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Thank you!! You always message me, and its much appreciated , stay safe xx
studying from home due to this virus...im doing nail services
so my idea was to try and get my theory done well at home
could anyone please explain the use of files and buffers please
grit 100
grit 150
grit 180
Please create a new thread in the Nail forum with your questions.