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Hello ladies am in South Africa l finished my course on June but the problem is an struggling with my acrylics when l try to create a bumby structure it becomes a hill it's really so l just do flat acrylic it's really stressing me out the brands which am using are from planet nails and nail for you
If you’re wanting to ask liquid and powder questions, then please create a new thread in the Nails forum.
Hiya just saw your reply on my post and i really like some info on your packages. My email baileymarleylee@hoymail.co.uk
Hello ladies, I’m new here and I’m Schcora. I do braids and mink extensions, and I was trying to come up with a universal braid and mink name for my business.
Please create a new thread in the Business forum with your question.
Hi, is your room
Still available to rent? I’m
Looking for somewhere part time in Orpington, thanks