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  1. S

    Pedicure bowls

    Hey Does anyone know where i can purchase these pedicure bowls. I cant seem to find a place in the UK where i can buy? Many Thanks :)
  2. Dazzlingnails

    Pedicure help!

    So I just started out with pedicures and wondering time limits and extra costs If they want a gel polish. So a pedicure with a regular polish I thought should take a hour so do we add more time for a gel polish. And when they come back for a reapplication do you charge to remove the gel polish...
  3. T


    So, I work at a beauty salon and my boss keeps passively saying I should be quicker at my services... It normally takes me 2 hours for a full set, and 45 mins for both a gel Mani basic pedi... She wants me to get my times down to 45 mins for a full set and 25 mins for gel Mani basic pedi... I...