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    Hair extension colour match, Beauty Works with Glamorous Lengths

    Good Morning, Please can someone help - i have a client colour matched with Beauty works "Mocha Melt" and "Golden Blond" can anyone advise what these would be from the glamorous lengths colour wheel ? Thank you xxx
  2. K

    Hair extensions

    Looking for recommendations of hair extension suppliers, I’m looking for a supplier that has Nano ring mermaid lengths in silver/white shades with the quality of beauty works but for a slightly lower budget
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    Dry hair extensions

    I have a micro ring weft applied it’s been in since the beginning of April and it’s so dry and tangled and gets matted 10 minutes after brushing and sheds like crazy the hair has halved in thickness since having it in I use the beauty works shampoo, conditioner, mask and leave in conditioner...