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  1. S

    Diluting developer

    Can I dilute 30Vol developer into 20 vol or 10 vol using distilled water? I’m going to use blonde me bleach, I only have 30 vol developer in 30% and want to use 10 and 20
  2. Eldaril

    L'Oreal Bleaching experience ?

    Hey Guys, Is there somebody with experience with L'Oreal Bleaching Blonde Studio 9 and 8. I am just wondering if you have some experience and comparison to other brands like Blondroplex or BlondMe. I am a bit skeptical about the 6% and 9% only developer because lots of the time I am reaching...
  3. L

    BlondeMe on scalp bleach and tone help!

    Hi there, I just started at a new salon where they use Schwartzkopf Blondeme for all lightening services. I've loved it so far for highlighting/foiling services. However for on scalp bleach and tones I have not had a good result for the 4 on scalp applications I've done. At my last salon I've...