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    What shade of blonde

    Hello. What would you advise to achieve the colour on the right? Going from the colour on the left which is my clients current hair. I use brands a.s.p, wella or majirel usually. Many thanks
  2. H

    Warm blondes over ashy blondes Wella

    Hi I’m warming up my clients hair like the picture shown.. Her hair is level 10 atm and usually has it quite ashy. I’m thinking colour touch 7/03 and 7/71 on her root and pull bits through with that, and then tone with 9/03 and 9/36 on her ends? Would this be ok? (All with 1.9% on wet hair) I...
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    Wella blondes toned down

    My client is wanting to tone her blonde down and go to more of a base 7, I have attached pictures of her hair now and what she’s wanting, I use wella. What would you guys reccomend I do? I don’t want it to fade too quickly but I don’t want to pre pig
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    Do any colorists out there have a plan to keep blonde healthy?

    I've a client whos ends have now started to tangle I can tell she is getting sick of having it blonde for the shear fact that its getting tougher and tougher for her brush at home. I have reccomended regular trims which seem to be helping but ultimately I can see her struggling with keeping it...
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    Colour recommendations, Wella only

    Hi guys! mum client is a base 9 - 10 all over and she’s wanting to tone it down a little like the picture shown, I was thinking a wella colour touch can anyone recommend what colour to use? thanks! X
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    Need advice on bleaching hair!

    Okay so a little history on my hair! I’ve always been a blonde, every now and again I would dye my hair light brown just for something different but I always go back to blonde! Usually what I do is I just get box dye like Féria and it usually lifts it enough for me. I dyed my hair from light...
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    L’Oreal blondes to cover grey

    Hi guys. I had a client today who is 100 per cent white hair and then on the crown area was salt and pepper look. She wanted highlights with a blonde not to golden and a ash darker blonde so I did loreal majeral 10 with 20vol and 8 with 8.12 20vol and a few bleach 10vol. It looked great...