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  1. H

    Aesthetics prescriber needed for London, Middx, West London

    Hi, I’ve recently trained in Botox and fillers and looking for a local prescriber in my area. If anyone knows of any of is one would really appreciate your help :) Thanks, Harley
  2. Acethetic

    Doctor requiring salon room for antiwrinkle treatments

    I'm an experienced doctor trained in injectable anti wrinkle treatments. I would like a salon room to set up base, and hoping to work alongside a professional and friendly (hair/beauty) salon. Ideally the salon would be located in London (and have excellent hygiene standards!) Happy to discuss...
  3. B

    Room rental rates or commission?

    Hello Everyone, Unsure if I've posted this in the right section. I am a newly trained aesthetic practitioner who is offering filler and eventually botox treatments. My current focus is to build a client base, however I am having trouble doing this. I was wondering do salons rent rooms out to...
  4. Y

    Aesthetic pharmacist prescriber available

    Hello, I’m a pharmacist non medical prescriber, trained in Botox and fillers and insured. Available for anyone needing a prescriber Based in London but happy to travel to surrounding areas (Kent, Surrey, Essex) Get in contact for more details
  5. B

    Looking to rent a room

    Hi I’m a dentist qualified to provide Botox and fillers. I’m looking for any salons around Plymouth that would be interested in providing these treatments. What would be the best way to approach salons? Thanks in advance!