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  1. L

    Henna brows

    I recently passed my henna brow course and i have been using imperium henna. Could anybody recommend any other brand to use please as I feel like every time I use the product I am left with small patches like in the photo. Tia x
  2. J

    HD brow training?

    Hey if someone could help me! I’m wanting to book on to a HD brow course initially I was going to train with HD brows them self but I’ve come across a highly defined brow course through the beauty academy ( I will attach a photo) I’m just wondering if anyone had trained with this academy or...
  3. A

    Getting rid of brow tint stain on furniture?

    Surely someone must know a handy trick? What's the best thing to do when you have the odd tint stain on a wall, shelves, floor etc Tried bleach but it doesn't get rid of it that easily Any tips will do! Thanks!