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  1. LeeRodgers

    Business name

    Hiya Everyone! So I currently live in Northern Ireland and offer hair/make up services. I also offer beauty/holistic services but they are under a different name and I rent a room for those. Anyways! I am moving to Lincolnshire, still undecided wether Boston, Lincoln or Sleaford and will be...
  2. ShaunaBeauty

    Just starting out!

    Hi everyone, I’m a newly qualified Beauty Therapist ( Level 2 and 3 ) and I’m hoping to start my business! I have no clue how to start out! What I already know is what treatments i’ll Be doing. However what I’m stuck on is 1. Business Name 2. How to advertise and build a clientele ( I have...
  3. Heffonikita

    Help me choose one of business names

    Hi I’m new here hello need help if anybody is awake Girls what is your FAV out of these; Its for a hair extension specialist mobile business ?? Would love any kind of feedback❤️ Princess Magical Hair Princess Magical Locks Magical Smooth Locks Supreme Hollywood Locks Hollywood Princess Hair...