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  1. Studio21Burton

    LOW COST Salon Chair's to rent - Burton Upon Trent

    Brand new Salon inside a beautiful and interesting building. Very different and creative space. We already have one lady renting a chair, she is a colour specialist and also does all types of hair extensions, she has a great reputation and is a pleasure to have in the salon. Just £65pw No...
  2. C

    Correct chair to use with portable back wash unit

    Hiiii guys! I’m new to this website so please be nice I’m really just wanting some advice, starting my new little room up I have invested in a portable salon wash basin and was just wondering what chair to use with it? Obviously it would have to be one that tilts back, but what height and...
  3. R

    Rent-a-chair, Leeds

    We have chairs to rent in our friendly modern salon on Yeadon High Street. Telephone, internet use, backwash and towels supplied. £150 per week. Would be willing to give a helping hand to anyone concerned about moving salons. Work when you want without anyone telling you what to do. Truly be...
  4. R

    Rent a chair

    Low cost rent a chair in a modern salon on the High Street Yeadon. Towels, telephone, wifi, gas, electric and back wash all included.