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  1. B

    Matrix Coloursync toner Sheer Pastel

    Hi guys! Quick question, can you use matrix SPN (coloursync demi) to add a little warmth when toning? Thinking of using this formula SPV + SPN (1:1) (Sheer pastel violet + sheer pastel neutral) create a beige blonde on prelightened yellow level 9/10 hair. Her ends are slightly porus...
  2. Ditzydorey101

    Wella metallic formulas

    Hi geeks! I wondered if you guys could help me? I’m planning a photo shoot and I’m really drawn to metallics. I’ve been googling formulas and I’ve not been very successful! Do you guys have any Wella formulas that I could try out? I’ve attached two pictures to give an idea of what I mean but...