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  1. Z

    Little mermaid hair wella

    I have a client base 4 / 5 natural Virgin hair wanting little mermaid hair lol this is her red inspo pic I was thinking bleach hair up then apply colour touch wella 77/45 or 66/45 would you guys do same or think I should use another wella colour ? Thanks
  2. C

    Wella Colour Touch pink rinse tone

    Hi there! My client is 95% gray and is asking for the pinky/lilac colour in the photo. I highly doubt bleaching is going to be an option and was wondering if anyone would be able to help me with this formula. I'm thinking colour touch might work well 10/0 + a touch of /65 or even 10/6 added as...
  3. H

    Wella Colour Touch or Colour Touch Plus?

    I have a client who is a natural level 7, she just has a full head colour I do 6/0 colour touch with 1.9%, I put it on wet. She loves the colour but finds it washes up really warm/orange and I don’t understand why? She did have some highlights a few years ago so don’t know if that’s what keeps...
  4. H

    Wella Illumina

    Just a quick random question, at what point do I need to pre-pig there’s 2 colours I’m wondering if they can go straight over blondes.. illumina 6/16 (just as a toner over blonde with pastel) will it go green? And 6/17 CT I’m wanting to do as a root smudge with 1.9 will that look ok? (both...