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  1. S

    Customised eyelash boxes UK

    Hi there! I am creating my very own lash brand. I have my lashes all ready to go, however I’m looking for packaging for them. I’m finding it hard to find a uk company that can make me my own custom eyelash boxes. Does anyone have any experience? Know any companies? Any help would be amazing. Thanks
  2. Amelia Rose

    Can I sell nail glue with press on nails?

    Hi, I’m starting up an online business in the UK selling handmade/custom press on nails. I’m wanting to include sticky tabs and nail glue with every order but I’m unsure if I’m allowed to do this! I’ve googled and looked online for ages and can’t find any information regarding selling glue...
  3. C

    Custom shampoo & conditioner

    Does anyone find Options LTD quite old and dated? I see everyone has it for their mobile extension businesses. I am looking for something more unique and opulent. Anyone have any ideas of where to private label shampoo like options ltd? I think having your own product range is great, but...