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    Looking to rent a chaur in inverness

    Hi I am a beautician and I do microloop hair extensions aswell as dermal fillers using a hyaluron pen. I love to make everyone feel great about how they look! Would love to re t a chair every month for around d 4 or 5 days to do my best work ..gr8 deals and prices! Pls get in touch if u think u...
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    Salon space to rent Botox/fillers

    I have a salon based in Leicester and have availability to rent out my beauty room (clinical) looking to offer more services within the area and would like to offer this space for Botox, fillers and that type of treatment Price or percentage is negotiable
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    Jaw filler

    Hi, I’ve been getting jaw filler for about 12 months. I had it done December 2019. It was juvederm which is now unavailable in the U.K. unless clinics/shops still have stock. It was really good and even and lasted about 6 months. In June 2020 I had revolax at a different salon.. but one side...
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    How much to charge for dermal fillers (essex uk)

    I’ve just trained in dermal fillers (Lips, cheek, tear trough and smile lines) I got some info about pricing but just wanted some further info about what other people price everything at? i will be using the Juvederm products thanks
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    Dermal fillers advice

    So I’m currently doing a dermal filler course, after speaking with trading standards I’m abit confused. Do I need to complete this course to perform fillers as there is nothing in place to say I have to be registered or licensed? Also what qualification do I need in order to train people in...
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    No needle filler training

    Hey, I’m looking to do a hyaluronic pen course, could anyone recommend a good company to train with please??? Or give me advise on which to avoid?? There are so many to choose from I’m totally confused!
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    Looking to rent a room

    Hi I’m a dentist qualified to provide Botox and fillers. I’m looking for any salons around Plymouth that would be interested in providing these treatments. What would be the best way to approach salons? Thanks in advance!
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    Aesthetics help needed

    Hi lovelies I am looking for a prescriber for anti wrinkle injections as I recently qualified in aesthetics and require a prescriber to work along side