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  1. S

    Diluting developer

    Can I dilute 30Vol developer into 20 vol or 10 vol using distilled water? I’m going to use blonde me bleach, I only have 30 vol developer in 30% and want to use 10 and 20
  2. M

    Majirel and 9 vol developer??

    Is it possible to use Majirel and a 9 vol (2.7%) developer for refreshing mid-length and ends (same level or darker)? I'm asking as I'm trying to move over to loreal, from a brand that used 1 colour tube, that you changed your developer from 20/30vol (for permanent) to a 10 vol for demi or a...
  3. shane griffiths

    Igora Fashion lights - developer help

    Hello All I have a client who has pretty dark Asian hair (level 2) there's a bit of prexisting colour on the ends. I picked up the igora fashion lights in /89, to do a red belayage. The only issue I'm having is that my local Sally's is out of the dedicated 40 vol Igora Oil developer and it's...
  4. Tonidoesmyhair

    Silver fox

    My client wants to be silver. I just picked up the Kenra 8sm and 10sm. I’m just wondering can I use redken 10 vol with those?
  5. H

    Rusk developer and Wella toner?

    Hi, I’m still currently a student...almost graduating !!! Yayyy I have a friend coming over to get some highlights through her hair. I love Wella toners so far and the rusk shine enhancing balancing lotion. I was wondering if anyone has tried using it as a developer for Wella toners yet ? I’m...