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    L’Oréal dialight toner beginner

    Hi, I’m a very new beginner trying to learn and develop skills. I get a little worried when toner is developing. Can anyone share key basic skills of toning application and colour selection. Any skills/techniques gained over the years. I’ve been experimenting with L’Oréal dialight for use on...
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    Which DiActivateur to use on new DiaRichesse color

    Hi ladies! I currently cover my greys with a combo of dia richesse 6 and 6.13 and vol 15. I'm looking to go a touch lighter in my overall hair shade, ideally to dia richesse 7.01. If I suddenly switch to 7.01, can I still use the same vol 15 diactivateur? Or will I need to use a stronger one to...
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    L'Oreal dialight toners?

    Been recommened by a few hair friends about the dialight toners? My client has a bleach & tone and wants a really nice clear white, i have been using a few different toners but would like to try the dialight range? I was thinking the 9.01 & 10.12 mixed Whats peoples thoughts?