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    Kiara Sky/SNS/Cuccio/Gelish, which brand is best?

    Hi Guys A few of my clients have been asking about wanting to try a nail dip system (I currently just offer Biosculpture gel). After a lot of googling, "Kiara Sky" and "SNS" seem to be coming up most often, and I'm slightly leaning towards Kiara Sky. I was wondering if anyone out there has...
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    Quick dip acrylic nails

    What does everyone think about quick dip nails? I wanted to maybe introduce them to my clients as it’s kind of the new thing at the moment. I was wondering if for clients is it best to pour the powder on rather than dip their fingers in incase of cross contamination? And also if it’s okay to...
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    Dipping powder (SNS)

    Hi everyone. So lately my dipping powder on my clients have been cracking with a few days, mostly on the thumb and pointer finger. In the past I have been able to make them last up to 3 to 4 weeks for my clients, but as of late they have been cracking a lot sooner. Does anyone else seem to be...