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  1. Pipi

    Salon System nourishing oil ingredients

    Hi, I am all over google, turned upside down the whole internet LOL but I am unable to find the ingredient list of Salon system nourishing oil. Does anyone know? Does anyone have a picture? Even distributor websites don't include the ingredients which I find strange. I want to ask A PRO to...
  2. Pipi

    Do you think this size is good for these lashes?

    Hi all I hope I can get some help here. :) So I was practicing the gluing process and choosing the right size silicone rod for lash lifting and I'm wondering if this size would turn out nicely if I would put a solutions on them? This is size Medium but I'm worried it would look too curly maybe...
  3. Iasmibia

    Elleebana lash lift problems

    Hello girls. I have a big problem.. maybe you can help me. I was doing tbe lash lift with ellebana products.. and after 20 minutes just the lashes from right eye have problems. The lash is curly. Just one eye... the other one is perfect. I did the same procedure like always . What can i do to...