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    Lashing time

    Hi, so I started lashing in March 2020 just before lockdown, and I’m finding it hard to increase my lashing time. It currently takes me 3-4hrs to complete a set. I’m not really having trouble getting all the lashes. I manage to get nearly 100% lashes covered, and my sets look great. But I’m not...
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    Business set up advice?

    Hi I am in the middle of doing classic eyelash training. I feel very over whelmed on what I need to do with regards to setting up my own business. I have got insurance and thought of a name but do I need to register my name anywhere or check no one else has it. I am not taking any money at the...
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    Eyelash extension help

    Help!! I have just done a 3 day course in classic lash extensions and STRUGGLED. After finally getting used to isolating the natural lash I am struggling extremely with placement. It’s almost like my depth perception is completely off and I end up going past the natural lash as I’m placing and...