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    Oxygen facial

    Hello, I am currently looking to introduce Oxygen facials to my treatment list and was wondering if anyone had any machine recommendations? Many thanks!
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    Facial massage after using galvanic currents

    Hello all! Awesome to connect with like minded people 😁 i have a question to the facialists. Im about to re-introduce galvanic / high frequency treatment into my treatment menu. I have recieved refreshers training on how galvansim is applied to the skin and i what i want to know is at what...
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    Pricing for the ultimate facial

    Soooo I’m fully qualified and have been for around 5 years now. Just opened my own salon. Already do facials but wanting to add the ultimate facial to my list, however unsure of how to do pricing. Ultimate facial consists of Cleanse Steam Extraction Dermaplaning/microdermabrasion (I have a...
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    What’s everyone reviews on SkinMate machines? I’m looking at getting the microdermabrasion machine and also the high frequency machine. more any alternatives that are good but not too pricey! Thank you