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  1. Kyralouise

    E-file prices

    Hi guys, I’m a relatively new nail tech, (gel only, no acrylic) and only really use my e-file for cuticle work as I find hand filing is All I need for the main prep. I bought my e-file from amazon for no more than £25 and honestly I haven’t found an issue with it, there’s very little vibration...
  2. H

    Colored acrylic help!

    I've been a nail tech for 4 years now and I've been doing a lot more of colored acrylic sets, and I used to not have any issues with my gel top coats peeling off but lately it's been a big issue! Not one issue at all when I use gel polish over the acrylic enhancement and top coat. It's only when...
  3. RebeccaJayneNails

    Securely storing client info - help!

    I’m trying to find something to securely store all my client record cards in...the cards themselves are 8” x 5” so that’s about half A4 size. Obviously it needs to be lockable due to the new data protection rules but I just can’t find anything! Whenever I look up lockable files, the massive...