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  1. yellowmess

    Fixing bright bleached roots, gold, darker or peach (Wella Illumina)

    First: I am not a pro,... and I am only hurting myself with experimentation, and I know very basic colourist language. I am reading this forum for 3 years already, just today created an account because I need some help. I am natural 4-5 (brown to dark brown, with 1/5 gray). I am expat in very...
  2. D

    Best dye/formula for a gingery copper

    Hi, I’m wondering what would be the best dye (preferably that you can buy in Sally’s) and formula to achieve a copper colour like in the image attached on a level 7? note - we want this colour to look more gingery copper than ‘red’ copper
  3. DovelaBeauty

    Help finding formula in Schwarzkopf

    I have a guest who showed me this picture the other day I'm having the hardest time finding a formula in Schwarzkopf, can anyone help? Or have another formula they recommend; rose gold