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  1. VC2021

    Opinions on brands of gel polish

    Good evening, Looking for some advice please. I qualified in NVQ 2 & 3 Beauty Therapy 10 years ago and never pursued a career in that industry. I've now started thinking about becoming self employed nail technician. I think im going to starting by getting trained in gel polish and then move...
  2. Cncharles

    Polish/gel recommendations and accessories

    Which polish and gel polish and accessories do people recommend , especially for a mobile service ? Thanks in advance x
  3. S

    New to acrylic and need help!

    I had a few questions I would love some answers to! I’m new to the world of acrylics! I wanted to ask which would you say is easier to work with coloured acrylics OR polish on top of clear acrylics? Would you have to apply a thin clear acrylic layer under coloured acrylic wouldn’t this make...
  4. S

    Halo gel polish curing times

    Hi everyone, relatively new to the industry, recently qualified in manicure, pedicure and gel polish. Been using Halo Gel Polish and getting on really well, just looking for a bit of advice as I’ve brought a new lamp which is a 48W LED. Pure nails website recommends curing for 60 seconds with a...
  5. B

    Nail training classes ideas?

    Hello All! I have a question for everyone that is a cosmetologist or nail tech who is licensed or soon to be licensed. If you guys were offered to take a nail course which popular services would you be mostly interested in learning? Gel polish Manicure Nail Basics Nail business/ building books...