glitterbels gel polish


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  1. M

    Best gel polish?

    I am newly qualified in gel polish and currently looking into what gel brand to purchase, I have narrowed it down and the ones that have caught my eye are: - glitterbells - DND - miss u - candy coat - halo If anyone has used any of these brands it would be great for your feedback on them :)...
  2. melissa123

    Glitterbels gel polish

    I'm looking at getting in glitterbels gel polish range, I have previously used their acrylic systems and love them! Has anyone got any experience with their gel polish that they could share please? Im looking at how hard wearing it is? how long it will last for? do the colours go on easy? Thank you
  3. L

    Glitterbels gel polish

    Hi guys I invested £1400 in to glitterbels gel polish and am having problems with not curing Chipping and peeling from day one of application Anyone having issues? Ive done nails for 14 years so like to think it's not me Ive tried using the glitterbels uv/led lamp and other led lamp and uv i...