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  1. E

    Glitter on regular polish

    How would i stick glitter on normal polish? It's for a child so no gel sticky layer. Thanks
  2. Soph_beauty

    Glittered acrylic

    Hello, I have just started acrylics using NSI nail brand. I have recently been looking into nails and a lot of younger girls like to have coloured acrylics and glittered acrylics. I know that NSI is a good nail brand and can be trusted as to why I chose it however they have very little colours...
  3. K

    Loose glitter over The Manicure Company gel not working

    I’ve tried to add loose glitter from A&A onto the manicure company gels but it’s just working! I put it on the colour coat after curing but it’s not sticky enough! I’m not really sure what other product to use. I’ve put a top coat on after the colour and put it on the tacky layer of that which...
  4. I

    Lecente Smooth It, is it worth it?

    Hey everyone. So I held off getting lecente smooth it when it was first released and then it was out of stock. Now it’s back in stock I’m thinking of getting it, but wanted peoples opinions on it first.... Is it worth it? And what’s your experiences with it? Do you use it on lots of client? Etc...