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  1. DotRawR

    Covering grey roots

    I'm going to be doing me mums roots in a day or two, i only have 4.5 in colorissimo, when I really need a make a 3.5 so she dont get root glare as she is rather grey at the roots. If I was to do a mixing ratio of maybe 15ml 3.0 + 15 ml 4.5, would this take the depth down at all?
  2. S

    Platinum on grey roots

    Advice please I have a lady with previously highlited hair, her ends are bleach blonde with a bit of warmth, level 9, And her regrowth is a mixture of around a level 7 with about 60% white/light grey around the front, Amy suggestions on what to use to achieve platinum blonde, Normally i would...
  3. DotRawR

    Colour help

    My client sent me the pic below any help in achieving this colour? She currently has an inch of regrowth about 7, an ashy gold band and then her ends are roughly similar to the pic. Her hair is just below her shoulders and in fairly good condition.