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  1. Z

    thin hair

    My moms hair is extremely thin, she is trying to find a product to help her hair thicken and grow fuller. What can I suggest she use?
  2. S

    Opening new salon - product recommendations

    Hi Everyone - I am opening a new salon (not too high end , want to be accessible but still well priced!). I am trying to figure out how many different brands i should carry for color and haircare. I am hesitating between buying from 1 brand or many and also not sure who I should be buying...
  3. C

    Colours needed to make this hair colour?

    Hi guys, I need some professional advice here since I am a newbie, What colours from the Loreal Majeril collection would I have to use in order to create this perfect coppery ginger shade? Although I prefer Majirel, other suggested brands are welcome too. Thanks a lot!
  4. R

    Extend celebrity hair

    Hello I’m new to hair extentions and have been looking at xtend celebrity hair on c and m beauty! Has anyone used this website or hair and have any reviews? Thank you xxx
  5. ColorMeGiddy

    Help, coloring after AntiCurl service

    I have a client that i will be doing Rusk AntiCurl2 on for the second time. She loves it. This time she wants to change her whole look though and needs a full color service. Full color and a few fashion color peekaboos. I need some advice on this. She cant get her hair wet for 48 hours, which is...
  6. M


    Since I am no longer working as a hairdresser im looking for reviews on Nashi colour and products?? New salon opened in my area and I am looking forward to my appointment!