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  1. KiniaMinia

    Hello everyone! <3

    Hello all I am Kinga and i am a makeup artist but also i am learning fast about hair extensions at my new company. What can I say i found two passions I hope to find even more here ;) I can help you with any makeup problems, as also i look forward to learning something new, a speople always...
  2. E

    Best nano supplier for blondes?

    Hi all, just new on this forum! I’ve been doing extensions for about a year and a half now and have used the same supplier the whole time. I’m just wondering who everyone recommends for blonde hair that lasts? I find my suppliers hair amazing quality for dark hair I wear it myself. Although the...
  3. D

    Hair extension suppliers?

    Hi ladies I am completing my training shortly and am wondering who best to go to for hair? I want to stock both Indian Remy and Russian so I can give my clients a choice. Who are the go to traders? Thank you! X
  4. H

    Hair extension suppliers

    Hi all. Please can I get some recommendations for excellent quality hair extensions? In my area a full head of 150 bonds costs around the £230/£250 Mark including fitting. I'd like to be able to compete with this with an excellent quality hair. Many thanks in advance
  5. mayra556

    Looking for a partner

    We are looking for a partner who mainly sells premium good quality hair, such as Nano ring hair extensions, tip glue hair, tape hair, flip in hair extensions waiting for message from the salon, hair shop
  6. S

    Hair extension wholesalers

    I am a hair extension specialist but looking to branch out and have my own brand of hair extensions. Can anyone guide me in the correct direction and where I could purchase the hair. Thank you x
  7. C

    Looking for a new hair supplier

    Hey guys! I’ve just left the salon after doing balmain extensions for a few years and am starting a small business specialising in wig making and hair replacement services! I love balmain, but I feel like I need to change it up a bit to fit my new clientele. Does anyone have any...