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  1. K

    CND over IBD hard gel

    Hey! Was just wondering if there is any other way to get a perfect finish on the gel before shellac application. I cure my apex layer and then file to correct neat shape but I sometimes when I add the shellac on top it doesn’t go over the groves as it does with a normal nail. Which is of...
  2. nBlossom1996

    Need advice on hard gel

    Hello, Everytime I do hard gel one or 2 nails come off within 2 weeks, if anyone has any advice to give that would be highly appreciated Thanks x
  3. Princessintraining

    Help, what’s my qualification?

    hello lovlies! so I have completed the following course https://www.onlineacademies.co.uk/details/427/nail-technician-professional-gel-diploma Now i would like to be able to offer gel polish, nail art of all types, extensions (so i have booked onto a free form sculpting diploma) and hard gel...