lash lift cost


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  1. KatieL3321

    Claiming LVL

    I’m really feeling disheartened today! I spent all my savings to do my training and trained with some of the best and supportive companies and now there’s a girl that’s claiming to do LVL lashes for £15 when I’m charge the recommended price (£35.50), I feel like I’m losing customers from this. I...
  2. Darlene123

    Elleebana lash lift cost per treatment

    Hi, I'm an Esthetician trying to get a good consensus on what it actually costs me (out of pocket) to do a lash lift with Elleebana on a client, does anyone know? I get different numbers from each vendor. Also if you know the Belmacil cost per treatment that'd be helpful too. Thank you, Dar