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    Last lift product Elleebana

    Hi all, I’ve been trained in lash lifts & started using salon system which I didn’t get on too well with so switched to Airlift. I find I get great results however for clients who want the ‘pulled up’ lash look all my airlift lifts are always curled. I have since purchased a Elleebana test kit...
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    Lash lift enquiry

    Hi guys just a quick question regarding Lash Lifting , do you need a separate qualification for this or can you still do this if you have done eyelash perming as it’s a similar treatment. I didn’t know incase you need to change your insurance etc Thankyou
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    Lash lift disaster

    Fixed another techs lash disaster today- the lashes were all kinky and wonky- what causes this? The client uses neulash and they were all different lengths— I use ellebana and think maybe the tech went all the way up on the lashes with the lift solution vs. 3/4 of the way? Any input is...
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    Best professional lash lift

    Hello All! I am new to this forum, but I wanted some advice on professional lash lifting. The salon I work for is getting into lashes and I was asked to research companies and find out which would work best for us. I've been having a little difficulty finding different companies. So I was just...
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    Best lash lift course

    Hi has anyone ever trained with the British beauty academy for their lashlift and curl course? Or if anyone has information on what course is best ? Thanks