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    L2 C&G Nail Tech

    Hello! Newbie in training here 👋 Due to complete the course in Dec but confused at which services I can actually offer when I'm qualified? I know I'll be able to do acrylic enhancements for sure as this is the enhancement we are practising. We have been shown how to do UV gel application...
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    LED and high frequency whilst breastfeeding

    Hi guys Could anyone let me know if it’s safe to do LED and high frequency on a breastfeeding client? I have a high profile client booked in and I’ve just found out she’s breast feeding and I can’t find the answer in my training material thanks so much in advance! Anna
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    Best LED machine for start up spa

    Hello everyone, I’m working on opening my spa in a few months and looking for a good LED machine to add to my facials. My budget for this machine is $300 or less. also would appreciate if y’all have any recommendations on stores/websites that provide tools and supplies that are good quality and...
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    Best LED lamp?

    Hi There, I've used a Gelish LED 18G lamp for the last few years and wanted to know if you guys thought it was the best on the market as I have seen an OPI LED lamp which is slightly cheaper and I am having to buy a few at once. Thanks