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  1. B

    Matrix Coloursync toner Sheer Pastel

    Hi guys! Quick question, can you use matrix SPN (coloursync demi) to add a little warmth when toning? Thinking of using this formula SPV + SPN (1:1) (Sheer pastel violet + sheer pastel neutral) create a beige blonde on prelightened yellow level 9/10 hair. Her ends are slightly porus...
  2. Casey.v

    Hot roots

    So I’ve been using matrix socolor an color sync for 5 years...but recently I’ve been getting hot roots! I use 20 vol with so color an for grey coverage,what am I doing wrong?? I’ve tried going a shade darker but don’t want to go to dark heeeeeeeelp please an thank you
  3. M

    Matrix highlift highlights over old low lights

    I will be using matrix Ultra lift on a client who has been having foils using level 9 for lighter shade and level 6 in demi for lower shade— She now wants to go brighter without using bleach. She is a 6NA naturally. In the past matrix ultra lift ash has left a golden tone so I am wondering has...