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  1. Grace Burton

    Microblading start up help

    I’ve just recently qualified in microblading and before I contact the council regarding coming out to inspect my work area (which is at home) I was hoping someone could help me with what I need. Obviously I’m aware of the general kit that I need but I’m unsure of sharps bins etc. Thanks in...
  2. P

    What should I do to ensure everything is legal?

    Hello , I will soon start a microblading training course accredited by ABT but isn’t level 4 . Will it be difficult for me to get a license or an insurance ? Are license obligatory to work as a microblading artist ? Also in term of administration and legal what do I need to sort I want to work...
  3. I

    Microblading business

    Hi everyone, im considering doing a course on microblading and then starting NY own business after this. Wanted to get peoples advice on: 1) has anyone done this and if so, how is it going for you? 2) is there a strong demand for the treatment? 3) how many bookings do you get on average per...