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    Starting Polygel?

    hi everyone, I was looking into doing polygel on myself, and have a couple of questions! firstly, are the polygels on amazon "safe"? I was looking into the Gershion polygel kit (https://www.amazon.ca/gp/product/B07NWKBSM7/ref=crt_ewc_title_srh_3?ie=UTF8&psc=1&smid=A1TW5YI33MULC5), but I'm a bit...
  2. B

    Premier Gel lamp recommendations

    Hiya, I have recently swapped gel polish brands to Premier Gel, but do not know what lamp would be compatible? On their website it says to use a 48w lamp, I have had a look at the Sun UV Lamps so far. I haven't received a response from Premier Gel themselves on what brand they recommend? I...
  3. S

    Gelish 18g lamp?

    Can anyone help with hand placement in the 18g lamp please? I worry that the hand is too far in or not far enough in to be cured properly. How do you explain to the client to put there hand in? I feel like it hard to see if it’s in the right place as you obviously can’t see inside the lamp...
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    Halo gel polish curing times

    Hi everyone, relatively new to the industry, recently qualified in manicure, pedicure and gel polish. Been using Halo Gel Polish and getting on really well, just looking for a bit of advice as I’ve brought a new lamp which is a 48W LED. Pure nails website recommends curing for 60 seconds with a...