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  1. J

    Loreal Majicontrast/Majirel all over application?

    Hello everyone, first time here ☺️ i have been out of the hair busines for over 10 years now unfortunately and I need some help with these dyes. I have read that the Majicontrast is not to be applied on the scalp, yet I also have read some subs that say that they have in fact applied it all over...
  2. S

    Matching up for LA weave red heads?

    My friend is a very light ginger with blonde highlights running through i’m really struggling to find her a good match for an LA weave. Can anyone recommend a good supplier that has a good variety? Thanks
  3. C

    Colour choice with Wella red tones?

    Hey, just wondering if anyone can help me out with this.. So this is my clients hair at the moment.. and she’s wanting to go a bit darker/redder and more of an intense red colour on the ends (uploaded pics). She’s hating how light it’s faded and wants to be more dark than light. Last time we...
  4. MoxxiieHair

    Hair dilemma, what next?

    I LOVE being a redhead, and it's always been my go to colour. But I've been red for about 2 years now, and I've reached a hair dilemma. I've been almost every colour. So what's next? I feel like I want to be natural but not too plain.. Ahh I just don't know, any advice/opinions? (first pic is...
  5. E

    Purple/red to dark brown

    Hello guys a client of mine wants to go from a box dye hair colour done by herself ( which has both red, brown and purple tones) it’s hard to say exactly what level her hair is at the moment because it’s multi tonal but Id say around a 6. I just wanted to get some clarification of the colours I...
  6. E

    Help for someone that hasn’t coloured in years. Thank you!

    Hi there all, Sorry if I’m not posting in the right area. I qualified a long time ago. I’ve worked in salons as a stylist but not as a colour tech beyond my level 3. Since I have had children, I’ve not kept up to date with colour. I’ve constantly cut hair in my spare time, family and friends...