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    Rooms to rent: Sheffield

    Hello, I'm Holly and have just joined this group. I'm just wondering if anyone is currently on the look for a treatment room to rent? There's two available in Sheffield city centre :) Please let me know if you are interested and I can send you more info. Thanks, Holly x
  2. S

    Training room rent advice

    Hiya I’m just after some advice, I have a hair dresser who rents a chair in my salon. We are also a training academy and have a separate training room with 5 stations for this. My hairdresser has been approached to be a educator for a extension course and they want to use my training room to...
  3. B

    Room to rent wanted for microblading/makeup/lashes, St Helens

    Hi! I’m looking for a room to rent in St Helens or surrounding areas to do Microblading, Makeup and Semipermanent Eyelashes. Thank you
  4. R

    Rent-a-chair, Leeds

    We have chairs to rent in our friendly modern salon on Yeadon High Street. Telephone, internet use, backwash and towels supplied. £150 per week. Would be willing to give a helping hand to anyone concerned about moving salons. Work when you want without anyone telling you what to do. Truly be...
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    Rent a chair

    Low cost rent a chair in a modern salon on the High Street Yeadon. Towels, telephone, wifi, gas, electric and back wash all included.