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    Questions regarding operating a salon

    Hi all, New to SG, hoping some of you with some hands on experience of owning or managing a salon can help me out... I have my own mobile business in massage and beauty in London which does pretty well and I'm toying with the idea of opening a salon that also does massage and beauty, in...
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    Rent a room payment

    I’m just wanting some advice on renting a room in a salon. The salon room is extremely small and there’s not much room at all, just enough room for a chair and shelves, I can’t even have a bed I can only have the adjustable chairs. What is the standard amount of rent? A lot of my friends pay...
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    Hiring a beauty room - advice on cost?

    Hi everyone, I am going back to the beauty industry after a few years away and looking to hire a room at a local salon.. Please could people give me an idea what a reasonable cost is for this? Percentage or flat fee examples? I am based near Bristol. Big thanks!