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  1. J

    Best LED machine for start up spa

    Hello everyone, I’m working on opening my spa in a few months and looking for a good LED machine to add to my facials. My budget for this machine is $300 or less. also would appreciate if y’all have any recommendations on stores/websites that provide tools and supplies that are good quality and...
  2. E

    Spa interview

    Hi, I’m newly qualified and have my first interview next week as a spa therapist and don’t know what to wear. Usually I’d wear a smart outfit (I.e. skirt and smart top/blouse) but as part of the interview I will be doing a massage so I’d be more comfortable in a tunic as it gives me more...
  3. emalou8

    Heated water couch topper?

    It’s a strange place to post but there wasn’t really a great place to post this. I remember years ago going to a spa that had a heated blanket but it also had water in it. To give extra comfort. I have searched hi and lo for this and can’t find it anywhere. I don’t want the hydrothermal...