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  1. N

    Help from fellow experienced hair extension technicians

    Heyy everyone, Bit apprehensive about posting my own thread lol but I've scoured the internet long enough and getting absolutely no where so here goes. I qualified in hair extensions fairly recently and to be honest struggling to get clientele as I am not currently a hair dresser or work in...
  2. F

    Self-employed or employed?

    Hi I’m just looking for any insight to anybody’s experiences when converting from being employed within a busy salon to self employed within the same salon. Was it worth it? Did it go smoothly? Any recommendations? Things you wished you knew before hand? Stock? Rent fees? Accountancy fees...
  3. Charlie Owen

    Just starting and don’t know what to do!

    Hi everyone! I have just qualified as a beauty therapist and I am very excited to get started . The problem is I am really unsure on how to get started ......currently i am working part time and don’t have loads of money to rent my own shop. I was thinking about renting a room, doing it from...
  4. H

    How did you set up your business?

    I would love to hear everyone's story of how they set up their beauty business!! I am currently employed and have experience behind me and wanting to set up on my own. I don't know if to set up doing mobile or from home (just be from my lounge so not professional) to gain some clients before...
  5. manicnails

    Newly qualified, practice on friends

    Hi All! I've just been qualified for gel nails, manicures, and gel tip extensions/enhancements in the UK. I was wondering what you guys would charge to friends for each of these services as I'm practising (and before going freelance)? I'd like to keep my friends as future clients, but I'm afraid...