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    Zuca bag or Roo Beauty Lolabelle mobile bag, which one to buy?

    Hi Salon Geeks, I would like to buy a new bag as I work mobile doing mani/pedis and tans. And currently using a tool bag from Homebase (it is awesome and sturdy but doesn’t fit my tanning kit), a supermarket bag for the pedi bowl and a mini suitcase. I have a Belava pedi tub for pedicures. My...
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    Best storage for The Gel Bottle Gel polishes?

    Hi all, I’ve spent hours searching for a case or storage that will hold around 50+ gel polishes from The Gel Bottle and will fit them. I’m looking for more a case as I already have a large storage box/trolly for all my equipment I’m mobile so ideally need the storage case. can any suggest...