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  1. J

    Best tape adhesive remover?

    Hey! Looking for the best tape removal solution. Iv tried loads and not been super impressed. I find the walker tape peels off easily I just need a better solution for getting them out of the head quickly and easily (and obviously as comfortably as possible!) Example - Prestige Hair Adhesive...
  2. B

    Decent hair extension supplier that’s on the cheaper side?

    Afternoon members! I currently use Cinderella Hair Extensions as my expensive range and Foxy Hair Extensions on the cheaper range. Foxy however, are not exactly cheap. I need a new hair extension supplier that IS on the cheaper scale as others around me are offering much cheaper extension...
  3. xlmxxx

    Euphoria One or Glamorous Lengths pure range?

    I am starting to offer Celebrity weave (LA weave) and Tape extensions. I have used Euphoria one Brazilian gold before which has been lovely. I want to offer a mid and higher range. I think I may offer their Indian Silver 5A as mid, Brazilian Gold as the higher quality for the weave and then...
  4. G

    Invisible tape tipping/bonding

    Hi, I am looking for company that could do invisible tape application tip on bulk hair. I have top hair which my clients love I tried additional lengths- remy cachet but they are not the same...but I cannot find anyone who does tipping for this method. Thanks