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    Finger/hand tattoos

    Hi everyone! This is my first post on here so I hope this is okay I am just after some advice, I have 13 tattoos all over some covered some not and that has never been a problem at my work place (I’m incredibly lucky) BUT I have always wanted a hand tattoo and some finger tattoos. I know what...
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    Laser tattoo machine

    I’m really interested in getting into tattoo laser I’m a level 3 beauty therapist. I’ve checked some places out and alma is expensive. I have also looked at Marshall cosmetic machine. Has anyone used any machines they could recommend? Or used Marshall’s? Thanks
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    Hello everyone, I am interested in gaining qualifications in the UK to practice microblading, as well as tattooing: lips, eyebrows... I trained in Thailand, as a foundation, and I would like to gain UK qualifications now. Can anybody recommend a company to train with, please? After a quick...
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    SPMU refresher course

    Hi all, I'm looking to refresh my semi permanent makeup skills after being out of the industry to have a baby I have lost my confidence. I obviously don't need to re-do the whole course I'm just looking for a day or couple of days of 1-1 tuition, someone reputable. Can anyone recommend...