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  1. J

    KB PRO digital eyebrow & lip machine

    Looking to sell KB pro digital eyebrow machine, handbooks, and all other equipment. NEVER BEEN USED. Did the course just before lockdown and never got the chance to practice with models. Message for pictures and more information
  2. Z

    Tattoo camouflage???? LOL

    Basically I have a tattoo which I need to cover as I'll be going to a wedding abroad it's a Hebrew tattoo and I'll be going to Jordan for a holiday lol its on my lower arm so can't just wear long sleeves constantly with the heat it will be there. Wondering if anyone has any recommendations for...
  3. M

    Finger/hand tattoos

    Hi everyone! This is my first post on here so I hope this is okay I am just after some advice, I have 13 tattoos all over some covered some not and that has never been a problem at my work place (I’m incredibly lucky) BUT I have always wanted a hand tattoo and some finger tattoos. I know what...
  4. M

    Laser tattoo machine

    I’m really interested in getting into tattoo laser I’m a level 3 beauty therapist. I’ve checked some places out and alma is expensive. I have also looked at Marshall cosmetic machine. Has anyone used any machines they could recommend? Or used Marshall’s? Thanks
  5. F


    Hello everyone, I am interested in gaining qualifications in the UK to practice microblading, as well as tattooing: lips, eyebrows... I trained in Thailand, as a foundation, and I would like to gain UK qualifications now. Can anybody recommend a company to train with, please? After a quick...
  6. R

    SPMU refresher course

    Hi all, I'm looking to refresh my semi permanent makeup skills after being out of the industry to have a baby I have lost my confidence. I obviously don't need to re-do the whole course I'm just looking for a day or couple of days of 1-1 tuition, someone reputable. Can anyone recommend...