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  1. karmour84

    TGB BIAB seperating in the bottle?!

    Hey guys!! i was wondering if any one else was having this problem? It seems that my biab by TGB are seperating in the bottle 😬 Its like the pigment is completely seperating from the gel base, and its unusable. gone is the silky smooth formula that glides on like polieh, and in its place is a...
  2. I

    The Gel Bottle (converting from CND Shellac)

    Hi! I’m looking at converting to the Gel Bottle. Currently I’m using CND shellac but I’m finding it just isn’t lasting as well as it used to :-( After a lot of research I’m looking at picking up just a few key colours from the gel bottle to start - what would you recommend? What have you all...
  3. S

    The Gel Bottle Inc

    Hello, I’m looking to change brands to the gel bottle inc as I have heard so many good things about it! I currently use gelish and am thinking of getting a few of tgb colours and base & top and trialling on my clients. Then if I really like it to go on the course. Can anyone else share their...