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  1. R

    Nail art clean up with The Gel Bottle

    I've recently got a few colours from The Gel Bottle which I love but am finding them a little harder to work with for nail art. I usually use CND shellac and trained with them so am used to using isopropyl alcohol to neaten up any edges on my nail art - tried this with TGB and whilst its okay...
  2. EllDaisy

    Gelish vs The Gel Bottle Inc

    Hi all, I have always used Gelish as my brand of choice, but recently I’m finding some gorgeous ‘The Gel Bottle Inc’ manicures on social media and I’m dying to give them a try! obviously I would purchase the top coat/base coat etc, but I’m not too familiar with BIAB application. Please could...
  3. M

    Akzentz, The Gel Bottle, Magpie Beauty?

    He everyone I want to buy some colors from 1 brand. Now I am only doubting between akzentz, the gelbottle and magpie beauty. From both i hear mixs reviews. What is most important to me is that the gelpolish is incredibly pigmented and that I can also do nail art with it and stays on. What do you...
  4. S

    Capping Gel Bottle Inc?

    Hi, I’m testing out some gel bottle inc colours and am going on a course very soon. Just wondered if you cap the free edge first or last when painting? I used to use gelish and they always taught first but just wondered if this was different with the gel bottle? Also if it still only a thin...