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  1. S

    Massage lower back

    I’ve recently started massage and have a routine I use loosely between clients. I’m just unsure of working on the lower back. I work on the shoulders and over the glutes however i feel I’m slightly missing the area of the back (kind of where the kidneys are) as I’m worried about hurting the...
  2. L

    Start up mobile beauty

    Hi all! I am in the process of setting up my own mobile beauty business (UK). Just wondered if anyone had any hints/ tips and any personal experiences. Thanks :)
  3. Amlet Thoell

    Tip advice!

    I'm doing an online course to brush up on my technique and shaping and I'm supposed to used natural tips. The only tips Ive used for the last two years are pre pinched and clear so I cant use them and my LE distributor doesnt have those tips. So I'm looking for tips that are natural, have a...