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  1. N

    Best sensitive/hypoallergenic eyelash adhesive for volume lashes

    Hi I'm looking for the best fast setting sensitive glue for volume lashes. i have tried a few different brands, marvel lash, flirties and they are ok for classics but volume fans just close. Has anyone came across a really fast setting sensitive glue? Any recommendations would be greatly...
  2. C

    Volume lashes and glue recommendations?

    Hi Can anyone recommend good glue for both volume and classic extensions? I’m finding my lashes are only lasting about 2 weeks and it’s needing nearly a full new set. Also who do you all use for your lashes? Premade/classics/volume trays? Thanks
  3. L

    Russian volume

    I recently went on a course for Russian volume and on the day although I found it difficult I managed to make some half decent fans and complete half a set. However since I’ve been home and practising my fan making I am really struggling. We were taught the push and bloom method but I’m...
  4. lashedbyamber

    Volume lashes qualification?

    I will be a qualified lash tech on August 1st and was wondering if I needed a separate qualification in order to offer Russian volume lashes or if I could just offer them after my own practice. I wouldn't mind completing the course for Russian volume lashes, and most likely will eventually...