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  1. L

    Russian volume tweezers?

    Just wondered whether anyone had any experience /recommendations for russian volume tweezers. I have a couple of pairs which I'm not overly satisfied with, they don't seem to close fully and the other doesn't seem to fsn them too well. Just wondered whether anyone had tried and tested and could...
  2. N

    Best sensitive/hypoallergenic eyelash adhesive for volume lashes

    Hi I'm looking for the best fast setting sensitive glue for volume lashes. i have tried a few different brands, marvel lash, flirties and they are ok for classics but volume fans just close. Has anyone came across a really fast setting sensitive glue? Any recommendations would be greatly...
  3. C

    Volume lashes and glue recommendations?

    Hi Can anyone recommend good glue for both volume and classic extensions? I’m finding my lashes are only lasting about 2 weeks and it’s needing nearly a full new set. Also who do you all use for your lashes? Premade/classics/volume trays? Thanks
  4. L

    Russian volume

    I recently went on a course for Russian volume and on the day although I found it difficult I managed to make some half decent fans and complete half a set. However since I’ve been home and practising my fan making I am really struggling. We were taught the push and bloom method but I’m...
  5. lashedbyamber

    Volume lashes qualification?

    I will be a qualified lash tech on August 1st and was wondering if I needed a separate qualification in order to offer Russian volume lashes or if I could just offer them after my own practice. I wouldn't mind completing the course for Russian volume lashes, and most likely will eventually...