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  1. J


    Can anyone share any experiences on becoming a vtct or focus awards training centre? I teach PMU, Microblading and some beauty courses now, currently just CPD accredited courses and want to become part of a regulated OFQUAL provider, problem is I’m at a cross roads and can’t work out where might...
  2. CAF

    Why is Hyperkeratosis a facial contraindication?

    Why is Hyperkeratosis a facial contraindication? Struggling with some of my L2 skin questions! TIA x
  3. J

    Change in career, advice needed please

    Hey, Im looking towards a change in career from an office based role into skin care and eventually SPMU. I have spent hours researching but feel a bit lost with all the information that ive found. Im 32 and have no beauty experience. I would like to focus purely on skin- RF facials, peeling...
  4. Melodymoo

    Facial training help

    Hello! I am a complete newbie, I’m very passionate about skincare and have decided I’d like to train in it. I’d like to offer basic facials, steam, extractions etc and then go onto dermaplane, microdermabrasion, chemical peels etc. My question is, which I’m really struggling with... what...
  5. N

    VTCT level 4 microblading exam

    Hi everyone! Has anyone done the vtct level 4 in Microblading? I believe there is a written exam? How hard was it to study for this? Is it a very tough exam? Thanks