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  1. MilburnL

    Client has given me an image, need advice on what toner

    I thought of maybe using the wella 10/16 Anybody else have a better idea?
  2. MariaTvb

    Wella Blondor on scalp bleach

    Hello! Is it ok to use 1:1 blondor with 6% on scalp to get platinum white blonde? Thank you!
  3. MariaTvb

    Wella Extra Cool White Blonde

    Hello! Has anyone tried Wella Extra Cool powder? What do you think about it? Is it worth it? what ratio you're usually using? Thank youuu:):)
  4. MariaTvb

    Wella blondor ratio help

    Hello! I'm naturally a level 4 and I've been bleaching my hair to get that perfect platinum white hair for years. Can you please help me with an opinion which would be better for on scalp bleach? a)Wella blondor 1:1.5(half 6%, half 9%) b)Wella blondor 1:1(6%) I've never tried this ratio 1:1...
  5. Emmie1

    XP 100-how do I use?

    So I have used XP100 before and it worked brilliantly this time with 10.81 it didn't even do anything to my hair? I can't figure out what I'm doing wrong? I have attached a photo of the products I'm using and my current hair colour.