Referral fee for other salons- what would make it attractive?


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We would like to liase with hairdressing salons around us for hair restoration (we are beauty so no competition). The treatment we offer (PRP) costs around £400. Costs are fairly high for us as it requires a trained person to draw bloods, needs the right regs for premises etc. Results are well known to be quite effective and so that side of things we are comfortable with and currently already carrying out treatments with good results. So a win-win scenario the way I see it.

I was thinking a referral fee of £20-40 maybe. Not sure if this is too low or too high or just right. Also, who gets to keep it? The referring person (individual hairdresser) or the salon? How to make sure this is rolled out correctly? How to give them peace of mind that they will certainly get paid by us? I'm trying to think of questions I may get asked.

Also, I was asked recently by a hairdressing salon owner if its a one off treatment. Its not. To me, the referral fee should be a one off but he didn't share his thoughts with me. Any other questions that springs to mind?


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If you are offering referring fees you could offer the person who refers £20 and the person who comes in £20 off their PRP treatment but only give the person who offered the money once the client comes into the beauty salon.