Spray machine troubles


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Hi everyone I was taught spray tanning in college so I just spray tanned my sister with “sienna x spray me gorgeous” and I used sienna x 10% tan and I’ve got the settings right on my machine but my tan says 4-5 bodies now the 250ml tan is only covering one body so I don’t know what’s happening could anyone help , thanks X


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Your gun is to high!
You should onlg be using 30-50ml per client!
Its a trial and error thing and gouve just started but you want the tan to come out in a fine mist so that when it hits the skin it almost instantly dries!

If the body is sticky or wet to much has been apllied ! And will lead to complications further down the line like cracking , uneven fade and patches!
I can sometimes feel like not much is going on but it is you have to trust the guide colour and the true colour will develop over the development time!

Hope this helps


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Ps sorry for spellings ‍♀ on my phone and typing to fast and cant edit